Colored Wood Protection for use by Timber Products Manufacturers.
Available in an extensive colour range and suitable for dip, spray and brush applications.

• 9 to 1 Fence Grade

Designed for use by fence panel manufacturers but can be adapted for most sawn timber applications needing an economical decorative treatment. Gives fungal protection.

• 7 to 1 Shed Grade

A decorative treatment for planed and sawn timber. It gives fungal protection and is water resistant. Suitable for economy sheds, garden furniture and higher quality fencing.

• PR 30 An economical decorative coating for sawn timber. Suitable for low cost fencing.

• L 40 Concentrate For use by fence panel manufacturers needing a decorative treatment with mould and fungal protection when stacking panels for stock.

• Contract Grade Suitable for all timber applications requiring protection with a strong colour when high quality coatings are specified.

• Pallet Paint Designed for use by timber pallet and case manufacturers where strong bright marking and colour coding is required.

Pressure Treatment Dyes for use with Copper Chrome, Copper Chrome Borate and Copper Chrome Phosphate Chemicals

  • Brown Dye Liquid
  • Dark Red Cedar Dye Liquid

Retail Products

• Protek Garden Color

A superior decorative wood protection. Suitable for planed and sawn timber. The advanced formulation is water resistant and is available in a wide range of colours.

• Protek Wood Protection

Fencing and shed grades. Economical decorative coatings for fences, sheds and garden timber.